How to navigate divorce

& safeguard your future

For anyone contemplating divorce, the process can seem overwhelming. You need to manage your emotions and the practical aspects of separation while also working through what a divorce means for your finances, your family and for your future. 

The key to navigating this difficult period is to be fully informed about your options. This means understanding the financial and parenting (sometimes referred to as ‘custody’) agreements you can access to steer you safely through a divorce and beyond. Being aware of the legal protections that can be put in place to protect your assets and ensure fair parenting arrangements can make all the difference during this time.

This understanding may be the difference between achieving financial security and fair custody arrangements post-divorce or finding yourself under unnecessary pressure as you try to rebuild your life.


separation and divorce in Australia

The team at Michael Conley Lawyers (MCL) have put together a detailed resource to help you understand the separation and divorce process in Australia, to help safeguard your future and protect your assets and your family. 

Providing an overview of the most important agreements and dispute resolution options currently available, this free resource is for anyone contemplating divorce or facing separation. Full of information from experts in family law, this ebook will help you navigate the process and achieve the best possible outcome for yourself and your family.

Your guide to separation & divorce: How to protect your assets and safeguard your future

Our free guide draws on our many years of family law experience to help you navigate the process and achieve the best possible outcome. You’ll discover: 

  • 5 ways to protect your assets and your family during separation and divorce
  • why it’s so vital to seek professional legal advice before applying for a divorce
  • how experts in family law can help you secure the best possible result.

How you can access expert family law advice

This free ebook is designed to provide information to help you get started. It’s not meant to replace individual legal advice and we recommend that you seek professional advice before getting started. 

If you want to find out more, book a free 15-minute chat with a member of our team to discuss your individual situation and see how we can help.